The Internet has come of age... it's an essential tool for marketing products and services in this viral age...

Whether it is a simple brochure site, a one pager fits all, or an extensive, interactive online store, no business can afford not to have a web site.

At Stockwell Design we will develop a site that best suits your requirements. We work with many of the current technologies and can adapt to any considerations that will give a better marketing performance from the web site.

The styling for all sites is done in Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to help facilitate consistency, rapid changes and adjustments when required.

To extend the user experience and functionality we also use JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and ColdFusion.

In addition, we will assist and develop open source CMS sites were direct client input and updates are essential.

The incorporation of Video and sound brings a whole new dimension to the functionality of the site.


Now you can have 'How-To' video demonstrations, training programs and live video news footage.

Advanced user enquiry forms systems that dynamically keep you in instant contact with your customers and can perform various auto response tasks with your client and business associates.

We also from the outset employ Search Engine Optimisation techniques and will build in and develop keyword strategies that will help to improve your position on search engines like Google & Yahoo.

Questions for NEW web sites:

  • What is the core function of the site?
  • What do you expect from the site?
  • Over the longer term, what growth or changes do you
    anticipate for the web site?
  • How frequently will updates need to be made on the site?
  • Do you need a DATABASE?
  • Do you need to have interaction with your clients through the site?
  • How many pages do you anticipate needing for the website?
  • How many people will be responding to website enquiries?

Questions we ask for website UPGRADES:

  • What problems did the old site have?
  • How many responses did you get from the old web site?
  • Why do you want to upgrade?


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