To have a GOOD sign in the right place can greatly assist in establishing and promoting brand visibility and strength...

Tenant sign boardIn fact... next to a business card the premises and the signage that have been erected says a lot about the company, directorate and management.

A modern, clean and aesthetically balanced building exterior with properly laid out parking bays for visitors and a dynamic looking entrance creates a professional aura, that will enhance and support the purpose of well designed signage.

There are many systems to choose from

  • The Rectangular bolt-on panel sign - For this there are many options that can be used. For small sized units they can be bolted from the front or rear (invisible fixing) directly to a wall or support frame. Materials that could be considered can range from glass or Acrylic sheet to Chromadeck fixed to a frame. Logos can then be printed onto or cut from coloured vinyl or even be masked and manually sign painted.Bytes House

  • The 'Laser' cutout sign- The advent of commercial Laser technology has revolutionised the signage industry. Now the intricate shapes of logos can be lasercut out of a multitude materials, then finished of with a paint coat or left natural.

    Fixing can be done directly onto a wall or raised with pins into the wall. Then lit from behind with LED or strip lighting to create very special lighting effects against the wall at night time.
  • The 'Fabricated' sign - These are usually lasercut and assembled to have a 3 dimensional shape of the logo. The most common material that is used for this is acrylic sheeting. However, wood, stainless steel and aluminium have also been used very effectively for the fabricated sign.


  • The 'Neon®' sign - The use of Neon® signage is mostly associated with signs that need to mainly attract business at night and is ideal for the hospitality and entertainment industry. It consists of extruded glasstube in varying diameters that are bent to form the shapes of the letters and the graphics that make up the sign. Finally it is converted with the addition of Neon gas and wired up to a high voltage power supply.

Tenant board sign

  • 'The Billboard sign- For really large signs one might consider these constructions that can be manufactured by building a framework and then fixing a Chromadeck® face or stretching a PVC printed face over the framework.

Lighting options

  • With the advent of LED lighting the whole signage world has evolved into an 'earth friendly' energy wise industry with many more creative lighting options.
  • However in some cases where powerful front lighting is required, halogen and mercury vapour lighting stiil might be the better option to employ.



The Bytes Billboard sign


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