Do you have a remote sales office, that is perfectly designed to be an extension of your business, at a venue that has targeted customers that will walk into your space?

This is where we can help you to make that first impression a memorable experience:

Lyn Reece showstand


Customising a basic 'shell scheme' stand on a shoestring budget does not have to be a nightmare. With the right combination of lowcost designer props and your amazing products and service offering on display you could certainly take a giant step towards making the right impression at the right time. Here is a typical example of how this can be achieved.





Bytes Healthcare Showstand


A combination of existing pop-up stands, rented furniture and a coffee bar featured here, certainly goes a long way to make your clients feel at home.



Ixchange stand



Then we can design you a custom built structure that lends prominence and stature to your brand. As reflected here, a functional approach was integrated in the design to allow separate sub-brand, demo stations to work well under the core brand.




Ziton Showstand




There is also the option to go large. To be the 'Anchor Brand' at the event and stand above everything else around you and emphasize your market leader position.






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