Liquorice & spice and all things nice...

Let the fun begin with wrapping your products in an outer garment that is provocative, attractive and reflective of the times, and some times even beyond. Give your product a character of its own.


Continuum packaging

Most importantl is the requirement of your product packaging to be dressed in the colours and shapes that clearly positions and differentiates it from its peers.

It must appeal to the target audience's tastes, reinforcing the special attraction your customer needs to have towards your product.

With packaging there are many unique things to consider:

  • Is it for wholesale or retail?
  • Is it a shelf product or a freestanding product?
  • Is the cost prohibitive to do something extraordinary?
  • Does it require a shipper tray (Retail display)
  • Is it liquid or solid?
  • Is it fragile or robust?
  • What age group is your target market?
  • Could it have a secondary use or purpose?
  • Will the contents be foodstuffs?
  • Will the printing be done in any specialist inks?
  • How many variants do you have in a range?
  • What is the typical shelf life of the product?
  • Does the product require any tamperproof devices for health and safety reasons?
  • Is the product being exported?
  • What provision is there for customs inspections?
  • Do you have a barcode number for each component? For instance, outer cartons must have a different barcode from the individually packed products.

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