Maintaining contact and informing your clients...

A newsletter is a great tool that helps to maintain contact with your clients, and builds confidence in the brand.

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However, the content should always be topical, up-to-date and have substance.

Newsletters can be published in both printed or electronic format.

Printed Newsletters:

  • A tangible document that can be read anywhere
  • Can reach people who do not have access to computers
  • Delayed delivery
  • Are not eco-friendly
  • Can cost a fair bit when mailed out
  • Can be mailed with month end statements

Electronic Newsletters:

  • Dependent on IT infrastructure
  • Eco-friendly with no paper waste
  • Can be delivered instantly
  • Very low cost of publishing
  • Extremely low cost to deliver
  • Can be run and managed off existing website hosting environment
  • Can also incorporate sound and video content delivered off the internet
  • Content can be relatively brief
  • Can have interactive content where viewer response can be activated instantly






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