Med-e-Mass e-Newsletter

An electronic newsletter is a most wonderful, cost effective way of updating your client base and business associates with the latest and the greatest...


An Electronic Newsletter is a great tool that helps to maintain contact with your clients, and builds confidence in your brand.

However, the content should always be topical, up-to-date and have substance.

Why Electronic Newsletters?

  • Dependent on IT infrastructure
  • Eco-friendly with no paper waste
  • Can be delivered instantly
  • Very low cost of publishing
  • Extremely low cost to deliver
  • Can be run and managed off existing website hosting environment
  • Can also incorporate sound and video content delivered off the internet
  • Content can be relatively brief or extensive
  • Can have interactive content where viewer response can be activated instantly


Displayed here is a typical newsletter sent by email and then below are the follow
through link pages with the actual articles that make up the newsletter.





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