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When we design a logo there are many different aspects we consider within the whole process. Most important is the property of being true to the essence of the brand.

We also look at the NAME :

  • Can it exist as a LOGOTYPE only - i.e. with type representing the company identity name?
  • How long is it?
  • How complicated is it to read?
  • Which font style best suits the character of the brand?
  • Is there a unique element in the words that could be converted to make the brand original and unique?
  • Which parts of the name need emphasis?
  • How is it going to be used - i.e. for Internet, building signs, press advertising, product branding etc.?

Consideration is also given to the LOGO :

  • Is it necessary to have a separate logo or symbol for the identity?
  • Can it be completely stand-alone or exist without the company name?
  • What basic graphic shapes best defines the brand?
  • How many shapes should be involved? Less is mostly more!
  • What relationship is there between the LOGO and LOGOTYPE?
  • Will it be easy to reproduce in signage or printed media?
  • Is it contemporary?
  • How does it stack-up to its competitor brands

Then there is the COLOUR PALLETTE :

  • How many colours should be used in the logo identity?
  • Which is the pimary colour, and which are the secondary colours?
  • Which colours will not work when a facsimile is sent?
  • When used on coloured backgrounds, does the logo still have enough contrast to be legible?
  • How must the logo be adapted for single colour usage to still retain the full brand identity essence?

Other supporting components to consider :

  • What secondary font styles work best for the brand?
  • What graphic shapes derived from the logo brand can be used in other collateral?
  • What is the smallest size for the logo to be used at?
  • How will it work on a 3 dimensional sign?

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