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The LOGO or TRADEMARK of a business is the single identifying element that sets it apart from its peers and competitors. Many times not enough attention is given to this very important component of a company Identity. It also needs to clearly convey the character and ethos of not only the company, but also the owners and management.

Then, in conjunction with the logo, we have the CORE DOCUMENTS used in the day-to-day business activities of a company.

Typically the following items will fall into this category:

Business Cards
Compliment Slips
Business forms i.e. Invoices, Statements,...
Presentation Folders
Advertising Signature Styles

Things to look out for when considering a new Brand Identity design:

  • Does the design reflect the current times we are living in?
  • Is it unique, one of a kind?
  • Is it easy to reproduce?
  • Is it uncomplicated? (less is more)
  • Is the NAME or logotype legible?

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