Let the show begin...

Business presentations have come of age with more sophistication and techno wizardry at our fingertips.

Stockwell Design can assist you with a corporate slide or audio-visual presentation that dovetails with your company identity and further strengthens your core brand. Depending on the scale and levels of sophistication needed, we can start you off with a custom designed basic slide presentation template, that allows you the freedom to compile your own shows, while still maintaining a high degree of professionalism.

The next step up gets a lot more exciting, as we can produce for you a custom audio assisted presentation, where music and pre-recorded voice-over artists add the flair, to really bring the message home. This is ideal for rolling demonstrations, product launches, road shows and conferences. Plus, of course, you have the flexibility to utilize YouTube for delivery on a worldwide scale.


Typically the process will work as follows:

  • Pre-production quoting and planning
  • Creation of the Storyboard
  • Review scenes, script and overall sound and visual treatment, and selection of the voice artist
  • Professionally record the narrative and any specialist sound effects or video footage that might be required
  • Professionally edit the music, sound and visual effects, custom and library footage together in the final presentation piece
  • Convert and package to the various formats that will be required for end use

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